The outline programme and the full programme can both be seen below. The programme can also be downloaded as a convenient Word document.

Access to the conference sessions requires registration – Zoom links will be circulated to registered delegates via email.

Outline Programme

Thursday August 12th

2:30pm-2:50pm – Welcome

3pm-4:15pm – Panels 1

5pm-6:15pm – Panels 2

6:30pm-7:45pm – Plenary Roundtable: Everything is Disconnected: Ecocriticism at a Distance

Friday August 13th

2pm-3:15pm – Plenary Lecture: Orrin Wang (Stephen Copley Plenary)

3:30pm-4:45pm – Panels 3

5:30pm-6:45pm – Panels 4

7pm- 8:30pmish – Disco-nnections Happy Hour (social session)

Monday August 16th, Tuesday August 17th and Wednesday August 18th

Fifteen Salons

Wednesday August 18th

4pm-5pm – BARS Executive Open Meeting – Updates and Consultation

Thursday August 19th

9am-10:15am – Panels 5

10:30am-11:45am – Panels 6

1pm-2:15pm – Plenary Roundtable: Heritage and Representation

2:30pm-3pm – BARS First Book Prize Ceremony

3:30pm-5pm – Poetry and Tea (social session)

Friday August 20th

1:30pm-2:45pm – Plenary Lecture: Mary Fairclough (Marilyn Butler Lecture)

3pm-4:15pm – Panels 7

5pm-6:15pm – Panels 8

6:30pm-7pm – Closing Words

Full Programme

Thursday 12th August

2:30pm-2:50pm: Welcome

3pm-4:15pm: Panels 1

Poetic Reckonings

Chair: Tess Somervell

  • Christopher Stokes – ‘Things are of value now that once appeared of no account’: Disconnecting Romanticism from Lyric in Joanna Baillie’s Occasional Verse
  • Francesca Blanch-Serrat – ‘Youth and health, in the chill’d grasp of Time / Shudder and fade’: Reconnecting with the Self in Anna Seward’s Original Sonnets (1799)
  • Jack Rooney – “Post-Romantic” Connections: Emily Brontë, Thomas Wade, and the Withering of Romantic Imagination

Remaking Romanticism

Chair: Andrew McInnes

  • Eric Lindstrom – Intimations of the Ode
  • Zoë Van Cauwenberg – ‘Tell me what are my Wordsworth’: Lyrical Connections and the Persistence of Romantic Reverie in Taylor Swift’s Folklore (2020)
  • Sean Barry – Beyond the Fascist Sublime? Malick among the Alps

Humphry Davy Notebooks Project Panel

Chair: Sharon Ruston

  • Sharon Ruston – From Poetry to Science: Humphry Davy’s 1800 Notebook, RI MS HD 13D
  • Frank James – Between Dichotomies: Thomas Richard Underwood (1772-1835)
  • Eleanor Bird – Reconnecting Humphry Davy’s Notebooks and Transatlantic Slavery

5pm-6:15pm: Panels 2

Communicative Powers

Chair: Francesca Saggini

  • Monica Mastrantonio – Methods in Language Studies: The Use of Letters in Narratology and Literature Studies
  • Phoebe Lambdon – ‘I have been quite intimate with you, most likely without you ever having heard my name’: The Importance of the Letter Form in the Friendship between Fanny Brawne and Fanny Keats
  • Emily B. Stanback – Epistolary Pathographies and Bodily Connection
  • Michael Nicholson – Silent Eloquence: Melville’s Romantic Fragments and the Aesthetics of Disability

Veering Lineages

Chair: Tess Somervell

  • Fatima Rueda-Giraldez – The European Debate on Classical Mythology between the 18th and 19th Centuries: Continuity or Rupture?
  • Matthew Leporati – William Blake’s Epic (Dis)Connections
  • Matthew Ward – Poetic Measures and Laughing Pleasures in Percy Shelley’s ‘Hymn to Mercury’
  • Bo-Yuan Huang – ‘The Chinese Elia’: Liang Yu Chun and His Connection with Charles Lamb

Women’s Movements

Chair: David Fallon

  • Kate Moffatt – When (Austen’s) Women Walk
  • Laura Kirkley – Cosmopolitan Connection in Wollstonecraft’s Cave of Fancy
  • Lindsey Seatter – Stylistic (Dis)Connections: A Case Study of Jane Austen
  • Anne-Claire Michoux – The Shock of the Familiar: Reconnecting with a Native Home in Romantic Life-Writing

6:30pm-7:45pm: Plenary Roundtable – Everything is Disconnected: Ecocriticism at a Distance

  • Jeremy Davies (convenor)
  • Joseph Albernaz
  • Amanda Jo Goldstein
  • Francesca Mackenney

Friday 13th August

2pm-3:15pm: Plenary Lecture – Orrin Wang (Stephen Copley Plenary)

  • Two Pipers and the Cliché of Romanticism

3:30pm-4:45pm: Panels 3

New Perspectives on Maria Edgeworth

Chair: Katie Garner

  • Lucy Cogan – Drunkenness, Maria Edgeworth and Erasmus Darwin
  • Abigail Tetzlaff – The Urban Flight: Achieving Familial Re-connection in the Suburbs through Urban Disconnection in Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda
  • Aino Haataja – Connecting with the ‘world’: Maria Edgeworth and Female ‘knowledge of the world’

Appropriations and Reworkings

Chair: Francesca Saggini

  • Jeanne Britton – Darwin’s Love of the Plants: Verse, Note, Image, and Index
  • Alex Barber – Yankenstein: A Closer Look at Nogaret’s Miroir
  • Sarah Burdett – Adapting the German Heroine for the London Stage
  • Josh Dight – ‘impressions on their minds’: Martyrs, Chartists and the Radical Requiem

Rethinking Romanticism Now

Chair: Andrew McInnes

  • Bethany Brigham – Reconnecting the History of Bioethics: Frankenstein and the Romantic Hospital
  • Alexandra Gallagher – Connecting Vital Sensations: Twenty-First Century Reflections on Breathing and Late Eighteenth-Century Vitalism Debate  
  • Kitty Shaw – Studying Romanticism as a Comparatist: How Do We Connect With Romanticism in the Anthropocene?
  • Simon Clewes – Queer Utopia and the Male-Male ‘Romantic Friendship’ in William Godwin’s Cloudesley (1830)

5:30pm-6:45pm: Panels 4

Weaving the Gothic

Chair: Andrew McInnes

  • Molly Watson – Percy Shelley’s Gothic (Dis)connections
  • Ruth-Anne Walbank – ‘The Devil knows how to row’: Hellscapes and how to navigate them in Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Solitude and Solace

Chair: Amanda Blake Davis

  • Sam Quill – ‘The Idea of Necessary Connexion’: Sociability, Loneliness, Scepticism
  • Tricia Monsour – Solitude and Self-Destruction in the Male Figure in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Thomas Love Peacock’s Nightmare Abbey
  • Lisbeth Chapin – Shelley’s ‘gentle pain’: London, Leghorn, and ‘Letter to Maria Gisborne’

Capital Exchange?

Chair: David Fallon

  • Susan Egenolf – Josiah Wedgwood, his Laborers and the Limits of Reciprocity
  • Lise Gaston – Connecting Coasts: The Transatlantic Minerva Press
  • Gary Kelly – Sublime Disconnections: Revolutionary Subjects in the Romantic Onset of Modernity

7pm-8:30pm (or thereabouts): Disco-nnections Happy Hour

Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August

Salons (sign-ups required in advance)

  • A Ridiculous Salon
  • Archives and Extraordinary Bodies
  • Austen After 200: New Reading Spaces
  • British Romantic Theatre
  • Death and Data: The Gravestone Project and Romantic Memorialization
  • Economies and Ecologies
  • Edgeworth Networks: Past and Present
  • Global Romanticism
  • Maker Romanticism
  • Networking the Salon
  • On the Edge: Romantic Paratexts and Marginality
  • Romanticism and Translation
  • Science, Imagination, Desire
  • ‘The Gate Shall Fly Open’: 22 St James’s Place
  • Which Books were Really Circulating in the Romantic Period?

Wednesday 18th August

4pm-5pm: BARS Executive Open Meeting – Updates and Consultation

  • Please come along to hear from the Executive what BARS has been doing in the past two years and what current plans for the future are.  We welcome feedback and ideas from our members at this session.

Thursday 19th August

9am-10:15pm: Panels 5

Material Connections

Chair: Anna Mercer

  • Vivien Chan – Ecologizing Romantic Consciousness: Reconnecting Nature, Agency of Matter and Embodied Thought in Lyrical Ballads
  • Gillian Russell – Gaslighting Romanticism: George Scharf’s Networked London
  • Alice Rhodes – ‘Such impression his words made’: Speech as Action in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ‘Julian and Maddalo’

Flirting with Negation

Chair: Brecht de Groote

  • Tim Milnes – The Decay of Kant: De Quincey, Disgust, and Ontological Catastrophe
  • Yimon Lo – ‘speak no more, think no more’: Linguistic Validation and Disavowal of Madness in British Romanticism
  • Chris Bundock – ‘Why is it that I feel no horror?’: Emotional Disconnection and the Agitated Body in Mathilda

Serendipitous Encounters

Chair: Francesca Saggini

  • Carl-Ludwig Conning – ‘A poet, however, whom we fear that few Swedish people know about’: Hellen Lindgren’s 1892 Reconnection with Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Yu-Hung Tien – ‘He was my host – he was my guest’: Reconnecting Emily Dickinson with her Literary Ancestors
  • Yuko Otagaki – Romantic Disconnections and Reconnections: Wordsworth and Tamiki Hara
  • Md. Monirul Islam – Of Pandemic, Politics and Prometheus Unbound: Teaching Shelley in the Indian Classroom

10:30am-11:45pm: Panels 6

Making Meaning with Bookish Forms

Chair: Cassie Ulph

  • Penelope Cave – Mary Cooke’s Book: Reconnecting an Album of Early Nineteenth-Century Piano Music.
  • Philip Shaw – ‘Drunk with the beauty of this world’: Reconnecting Wordsworth After War
  • Lewis Roberts – Extensions and Connections in the Romantic Manuscript

Periodical Scotlands

Chair: Daniel Cook

  • Megan Coyer – Reading James Hogg in Fraser’s Magazine for Town and Country, 1830-1836
  • Joanna Malecka – Connecting with the Past through Myth, Legend, and Imaginative Fiction: Editing James Hogg’s Contributions to Fraser’s Magazine
  • Honor Rieley – Connection Interrupted: A Scottish Heroine, a Montreal Magazine and a Case Study in Colonial Reprinting

‘Speaking freely…of the Byron’: Scandal and Byronic Gossip in the Romantic Period

Chair: Emily Paterson-Morgan

  • Amy Wilcockson – ‘Half a Byronist & half not’: Thomas Campbell and Lady Byron
  • Charlotte May – ‘Byron had become the rage’: Samuel Rogers’s Byronic Tales
  • Fern Pullan – True or False, Fact or Fiction?: The Dark Underbelly of Caroline Lamb’s Glenarvon (1816)

1pm-2:15pm: Plenary Roundtable – Heritage and Representation

  • Jeff Cowton (Curator and Head of Learning at the Wordsworth Trust/BARS Executive Member for Outreach and Impact)
  • Gillian Dow (English, University of Southampton and Vice President of BARS)
  • Susan Allen (Wordsworth Grasmere)
  • Emma Hills (University of Southampton)
  • Kim Simpson (Chawton House)
  • Jenny Uglow (Biographer, former Director of Chatto & Windus)

2:30pm-3pm: BARS First Book Prize Ceremony

  • Chaired by Francesca Saggini

3:30pm-5pm: Poetry and Tea

  • Compèred by Daniel Cook
  • In this social session we will be reading aloud some poetry from the Romantic period – and drinking tea.  The mic is yours.  In addition to the usual fare, we especially welcome lesser-known works from familiar or underrepresented figures, as well as original compositions inspired by our period.  For details, please contact – or simply Zoom in.

Friday 20th August

1:30pm-2:45pm: Plenary Lecture – Mary Fairclough (Marilyn Butler Lecture)

  • Action at a Distance: Romantic Protest, Poetry, and Print

3pm-4:15pm: Panels 7

Influence and Interplay

Chair: Matthew Sangster

  • Marie Michlová – Virtuoso in Bath: Scott’s Earliest Inspiration
  • Glen Brewster – ‘Mind is god over matter’:  Horace Mann on European Educational Models
  • Rafael Argenton Freire – Asynchronous Connections: The Displaced Reception of British Romanticism in Brazil

Living in The Prelude

Chair: Tess Somervell

  • Dana Moss – Reading The Prelude as an Archive of Friendship
  • David Lo – From ‘I’ to ‘We’: Collective Subjectivity in Wordsworth’s The Prelude
  • Miranda Jones – Outer Autobiography: Derek Walcott’s Remodelling of The Prelude

Political Reverberations

Chair: Cassie Ulph

  • David Fallon – ‘The object of all their cajoling is—blood!’: Burke, the Bookshop, and Trickle-Down Political Opinion
  • Caroline Winter – A ‘Modern Monster’: Charlotte Smith’s Marchmont and Mr. Vampyre
  • Ioannes P. Chountis – Nineteenth-Century Greek Politics in the Romantic novel Leandros
  • Matthew L. Reznicek – Staging the Revolution: Sydney Owenson, Grand Opera, and Alternative Political Futures

5pm-6:15pm: Panels 8

Visuality and Self

Chair: Anthony Mandal

  • Kandice Sharren – Mary Robinson After Reynolds
  • Helen Dallas – Character Galleries: Criticism and the Interactional Model of Character in Drama
  • Jenny Sullivan – The Face as Feminist Resistance: The Portrait and the Gaze in Mary Hays’s Memoirs of Emma Courtney

The Shelleys Thinking Others

Chair: Amanda Blake Davis

  • Yasmin Solomonescu – Of One Mind: Extended-Mind Theory and Percy Shelley
  • Isaac B. Cowell – Truth and Consequences in Arendt and the Shelley Circle

Romanticism for Young Audiences

Chair: Donelle Ruwe

  • Donelle Ruwe – Blake and the 1970s Women’s Poetry Movement
  • Mark Crosby – Blake and Sendak
  • Crystal Veronie – Sara Coleridge and Disability Studies
  • Katharine Capshaw – Phillis Wheatley and the Black Arts Movement

6:30pm-7pm: Closing Words